In the UK they write Oesophageal, but in the USA it is Esophageal. Both are used in this collection as it is a joint venture.

Please note that these recipes have been submitted by esophageal patients or their carers. All have proved suitable for esophageal patients However, every tumour is different in size, location and type. Every body is a different size and shape. There are at least three different surgery methods. Every surgeon could have his/her own variation on these.

Please be aware that we are all different. Therefore what suits one patient may not suit another.

Some of the recipes feature milk or cream, and some people will find that they are lactose intolerant for a few months, or longer, post surgery. This seems to happen to about half the patients. However, yoghurt is tolerated even just after surgery. It also might be worth checking the ingredients on artificial cream 'whips' as these may be vegetable based and able to be used as replacements for whipped cream.

Remember Marny's advice to 'Chew chew chew.'


You are not legally permitted to attempt to publish this collection, but you may print out individual recipes for personal use. Some of the recipes themselves have come from other sources, and copyright law allows personal use only.

USA to UK Conversions


A cup is the size of a small yoghurt pot in the UK. Alternatively a set of measuring cups is easily obtainable in the UK.

At the time of writing this, most UK scales still feature lbs and ozs as well as metric measures. If requested we could feature a conversion chart here.


I only know about UK so if you have any information about other countries please let us know.

USA Name
UK Name
Australian Name
Zuchini Courgettes  
Jell-O Jelly  
Jelly Jam  
Jalapenos Hot Peppers  
Fries Chips Hot Chips
Chips Potato Crisps Chips
Candy Sweets Lollies
Elbow macaroni Can substitue plain macaroni  


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